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Aromatic Turkish bath
(Temp. 45°C)

Steam bathing is not only popular, but also healthy. It is a pleasant sweat bath, similar to the sauna, but with a completely different climate. Not as hot and much more humid. In its effect, however, it is comparable to the sauna. For many, it is precisely the low bathing temperatures between 43 - 46° C and the relative humidity of over 100% that are considered ideal for relaxation. But not only for this: the hot steam is particularly healthy for respiratory diseases and rheumatic complaints. And those who value beautiful skin have long appreciated the moist warmth of the steam bath. It promotes blood circulation, cleanses and revitalises the skin.


Finnish sauna
(Temp. 95°C)

Sweat cures in specially equipped rooms have a tradition that goes back thousands of years. The Romans and Greeks already used the healing effect of sweating. Today, we understand sauna bathing as the Finnish tradition of sweating in a wooden cabin with high temperature and low humidity. The alternation between soothing heat and subsequent cooling strengthens the body's defences and circulation. The entire metabolism is revved up. Body and mind regain their balance. And by the way, the sauna cares for the skin and purifies it.